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I went and looked at Shawna and Cindy's Facebook pages. I will definitely say this... Shawna has some crazy eyes and it's terrifying that she now has a child of her own. How law inforcement allowed this to play out the way it did is a travesty and I am truly so sorry for your loss. I pray you are able to find the answers to get justice for Katie.

Everything on this site clearly shows crazy child abusers murdered the innocent baby girl, Katie West. I have to wonder just how corrupt law enforcement must be to not have done anything with the obvious facts of this death. Where are the prosecutors in our society to not see the obvious on this website and take appropriate action?

I've heard audio of Cindy McMillan snorting cocaine with her partner on this site. What I would like to know is how a cocaine user who appears to be seriously mentally ill, would be given custody of any child, especially an innocent baby girl. The baby, Katie West, is then killed by drug using people who suffer from mental illness, when the little girl has a solid Father.

That poor little Katie West was exterminated and disposed of like trash

When searching for crime in Grand Forks I ran across this site. This is one of the most well put together websites I have ran across. Factual audio and video, easy to read, obviously that psycho Shauna McMillan murdered that little girl Katie West. It seems rather ridiculous charges have not been filed yet when there are an obvious number of people involved in making this crime look like a medical incident. Interesting to hear Marilyn Troftgruben admit a Nurse was at the scene and left with that violent psycho Shauna McMillan before 911 was called and that Katie West was dead before the 911 call, proving beyond all doubt there was no medical emergency in this case. I hope the murder investigation will soon place these several criminals behind bars for a good stretch. Thanks for such a good website and I hope to see justice in the news soon.

I was very pleased to find this website. I need to to thank you for your time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely savored every bit of it and i also have you saved to fav to look at new information on your website.
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Somebody really screwed up on this one!

cause of death was Severe Laryngotracheitis. Interestingly enough is that Christchurch Hospital did a study on Severe Laryngotracheitis patients over a 10 year period (1980-1990). Of the 894 patients that were admitted with Severe Laryngotracheitis zero (0) deaths occurred. So Katie's cause of death was something that no one else died from in a 10 year study at Christchurch Hospital, the autopsy is non-specific and the coroner did not take a body temp, it seems almost impossible to get any REAL facts about this case, it seems that many people in this case were simply not doing there job.

County Coroner Tom Polovitz is called in for a coroners report. At 6:15 PM Tom Polovitz is filling out the Coroners report and FAILS to enter a body temp, that is worth mentioning again, he FAILS to enter a body temp on the coroners report! This simple little fact could have shed a LOT of light on this case, but since he didn't I guess we have to move on to George Mizell who preformed the autopsy. George Mizell himself said that the autopsy report itself is in general non-specific, that�s just the way he does it apparently. One specific that does come out of the report is that the

I have reviewed every piece of information on this site and every piece of information just leads to more questions. At the end of the 911 call we here Doris McMillan state that Katie was trying to take breaths and she was leaning over Katie listen for breathing and watching for here chest to rise and fall, yet the first officer on seen just moments later makes no mention of Doris McMillan being anywhere near Katie and in fact the officer needed to move Katie from in between the kitchen and living room to get at her better. 48 minutes later Dr. Hoggarth calls time of death at 6:06 PM and

I came upon this website a few years ago now and i was appalled after reviewing all of the evidence and that no body has been held responsible for such a heinous crime against this little girl. That said, the website for Katie and seeking justice looks very nice. Its such a sad situation, but maybe one day someone will speak up on the Katie's death. Moreover, it's evident that this was no accident. Maybe, someone should set up a fund in Katie's name for donations. I would be more than happy to contribute even in a small way?.

i cannot believe anyone would let that shauna near their children at all

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