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Katie West Baby Room, Katie was just Beginning to enjoy Her New Room before Her Suffocation Death
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Katie West Baby Room After a Suspicious Death
Katie West had her own personalized baby room she was beginning to enjoy before her life ended abruptly in a rather suspicious suffocation death. Three weeks and three days after a temporary custody hearing, Katie was found lying dead with her head leaning to the right, as shown clearly by Lividity in her Autopsy photographs.

Katie's Mother, Cindy McMillan, was attempting to gain custody of Katie West long term. Solid and undisputable evidence was obtained about Cindy McMillan's history of violence and abuse, slapping her children, and admitting she was raised by abusive and crazy alcoholics. Cindy's parents are Robert and Doris McMillan, who share a last name and claim to be married, but are not married.

Evidence that Cindy McMillan has hallucinations and frequent delusions was also obtained. It was not likely Cindy McMillan would ever be awarded full physical and legal custody of Katie West, given the solid evidence and circumstances. Typically those with a violent and abusive history, especially those who hallucinate and suffer from frightening delusions, are not awarded custody of a child.

Judge Lawrence E. Jahnke awarded temporary custody of Katie West to Cindy McMillan in spite of Shauna McMillan's attempts to suffocate Katie and threats to murder Katie. Katie West was suffocated to death three weeks later.
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