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Robert McMillan, Shauna McMillan's Grandfather, Abusive Alcoholic, Threatening Behavior Violent History
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Shauna McMillan Violence Exists in Generations
Cindy McMillan, Shauna's Mother and a Single Parent, is delusional and engaged in hard drug use in her early teens and as a parent, all while claiming to be clean and sober. Her drug use and delusional behavior is likely from abuse, describing Robert McMillan as a violent and serious drunk.

Cindy McMillan also claims to have been abused in more than one way by her parents, Robert and Doris McMillan. Cindy states as a child, Robert McMillan would say to her, now you do this or I'm going to have to beat up your Mom. According to Cindy, her Mother Doris McMillan, is crazy, yet Cindy later claimed to have turned out just like her.

Shauna McMillan's violent nature combined with her sociopathic tendencies, appears to exist in generations to one degree or another. Robert McMillan, a violent drunk who makes threats to kill people, has a violent daughter Cindy McMillan with assaultive and delusional behavior, who has a violent daughter Shauna McMillan, who also makes threats to kill people prior to their death.

Robert McMillan was hunting with Dave LaDouceur and Greg LaDouceur when Doris McMillan found Katie West dead for several hours. Appearing to be notified of this, Bob McMillan quietly sneaked in the back door during the 911 call, walks directly over Katie West lying dead on the floor, ready to greet the Jim Remer arriving on scene.
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Cindy McMillan Smoking Pregnant