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Cynthia Renee McMillan is a regular Drug User who Lies, "Hooked in the Heartland" story a Total Fraud
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"Hooked in the Heartland" story, a Total Fraud
Cindy McMillan has no length of sobriety established, meaning she has never been clean and sober for a period of several years or even months. However, Cindy McMillan falsely claims to have been clean and sober ever since back in 1983. Cindy McMillan also complained about this website in a courtroom where her desired outcome was completely denied. McMillan also is aware her psychic sessions were recorded and paid for a copy of the tape when finished, but pretends her drug use is not recorded.

In a front page Sunday news article, Cindy McMillan told a tall tale of being clean and sober since 1983, but she is snorting cocaine with her psychic in 1993. It can be read in the documents above and listened to. She is also talking about massage school, which she attended while briefly residing in California in 1993. It's hard to believe someone would knowingly make sobriety claims that are false, but then Cindy McMillan is delusional and mentally ill.

This is a link to the story where Cindy McMillan lied about being clean and sober since 1983, and it was referred to as "Hooked in the Heartland". Cindy McMillan is a drug user and should not be playing the role as some type of drug counselor, especially when she lies about using drugs. But even more odd is Grand Forks County State's Attorney, David Jones, appeared in the same fraudulent news story supporting Cindy McMillan's drug use and false claims.
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Cindy McMillan Drug User