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Cynthia McMillan, Hooked in Massage Parlor now High School Counselor, Delusional LSD & Cocaine User
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Counselor & Former Prostitute Snorting Cocaine
Cindy McMillan, Shauna's Mother and a Single Parent, is delusional and engaged in hard drug use as a parent, even believing she extends white light 6 to 8 inches around her in a bubble to prevent people from getting into her space, she has another pulse in her body different from her own, and that in a former life Cindy McMillan believes she was held captive on a ranch and kept as a Sex Slave.

Cindy McMillan also claims to have been abused in more than one way by her parents, Robert and Doris McMillan. Cindy states as a child, Robert McMillan would say to her, now you do this or I'm going to have to beat up your Mom. According to Cindy, her Mother Doris McMillan, is crazy, yet Cindy later claimed to have turned out just like her.

During the numerous Psychic Sessions over many years, Cindy was a parent and Foster Parent, with intentions of introducing Foster Children to her Psychic shown above. Shauna McMillan was described to the Psychic as being a very angry child when Shauna was extremely young.

At age 19, Cindy McMillan claims to have been drinking while driving in Minnesota and when stopped by Police, she punched the Officer, breaking his nose. Cindy brags how the law firm her Mother Doris McMillan worked for, Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson, Ltd., "did something" to make all records of this incident go away permanently.
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Cindy McMillan Smoking Pregnant