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Altru Bad Actors, Cindy McMillan Paid Psychic Sessions Establish Her Delusions Should Not Be Counseling
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Cindy McMillan is severely delusional and should not be counseling anyone in any capacity whatsoever, especially children. She has lied about drug use, claiming to be clean and sober for years, but on her Psychic Sessions she is snorting cocaine with her Psychic. It was McMillan who asked her Psychic if she could have some and snorted it. McMillan actually moved her family to California for the sole reason of learning from this Psychic in these sessions. She claims it to have been over employment relating to her husband, but that is false. Her moving to "learn from the Psychic" is factual and on the recordings.

There are delusional statements made by both Cindy McMillan and her Psychic. McMillan believes she was a sex slave on a ranch in a former life. She also said she has two different pulses in her body, has checked them, and they are both different, which obviously is impossible. She also believes she has a cord in her back that is her mother-in-law trying to kill her and take her children away, and all of these delusional activities are on these recorded sessions. After the sessions were paid for she would receive the recorded copies. Obviously she should not be counseling and suffers from severe mental illness.

Cindy McMillan's Sessions Sides A & B are on the AltruTV YouTube Channel