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Kim Bolek Fled Scene of Death with Shauna McMillan prior to the 911 Call, Katie West was Already Dead
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From Suspended Nursing License to Felony Theft
When it was learned Kim Bolek's presence at the crime scene would be discovered, she was forever suspended from Nursing as an LPN. Shortly after her loss of license, Kim Bolek attempted to walk out of a retail store with a shopping cart fully loaded with rather expensive items.

Kim Bolek stated she was a Licensed Nurse, an LPN, after she was suspended indefinitely for nearly one year. In the same report, Kim Bolek stated she brought two children, Shauna McMillan and Ian Gilleshammer to her home while Doris McMillan left in an Ambulance with Katie West.

Katie West was lying in one position dead for hours when Doris McMillan found her. Shauna McMillan was removed from the crime scene before Doris called 911. Kim Bolek was on scene but fled with Shauna before the 911 call.

Kim Bolek said she watched Shauna and Ian while Doris was at the hospital with Katie, but lied about being on scene earlier. Ms. Bolek said while the Ambulance was at Doris McMillan's home, she took Shauna & Ian with her at that time, while Doris was in her front yard. But Doris was in her living room while the Ambulance was at her home.

Marilyn Troftgruben had already informed a Nurse was on scene, and Attorney, Don Olson, along with Risk Manager, Cindy Siders, had an involvement in this taking place.
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