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Jon Jensen, North Dakota Supreme Court Justice Unethically Comforted Massage Hooker Cindy McMillan
Judge Jon Jensen Comforted Former Prostitute
Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 1 Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 2 Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 3 Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 4 Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 5 Shauna McMillan Drug Addicted Killer 6
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Cindy McMillan was a prostitute in the 1980's and 1990's, but was terminated on Columbia Road S for unlicensed massage, happy endings, and attempts to lure customers over to private house calls for large cash tips. Shauna McMillan, at age 10, murdered Katie West, sending her brother Ian Gilleshammer into emotional disturbance.

Katie's Father learned Shauna gave birth, knowing her violent history combined with drug and alcohol abuse, reported these concerns to child protection. Rudely, he was hanged up on & called back in attempt to report the fact there would be child safety concerns. Cindy McMillan is Shauna's Mother, a child abuser, but child protection illegally disclosed this report to Cindy McMillan. Police went to McMillan's home disclosing the report. Nancy Yon, Peter Welte's lover then helped McMillan devise a hearing to obtain a Protection Order, which failed miserably.

Judge Jon Jensen denied McMillan a Protection Order and ruled this website to be constitutionally protected. But Jensen witnessed criminal activity by police during the hearing, learned of Yon's unethical activity, and allowed McMillan to lie on the witness stand, and did nothing. At the hearing's end, Jensen said it was unreasonable for West to have made this report. The next year Shauna lost custody of her daughter as shown in above documents, establishing Judge Jon Jensen to be an unethical fool.