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Marilyn Troftgruben Cyber Bullied this Website then stated Katie West Died in Three Different Locations
Marilyn Troftgruben Deliberate False Allegations
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Marilyn Troftgruben cyber bullied this website in attempt to hijack the domain. She and evil cohorts from Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson, Ltd., deliberately made false accusations against Katie West's Father, Doug West.

Advertisements were deliberately placed on pages in a complaint filed against, then alleged Doug West was profiting from the ads using an Altru Trademark. But there have never been any ads on this website nor profits, and Marilyn Troftgruben didn't have an Altru Trademark.

Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson, Ltd., actually employed Doris McMillan as Don Olson's Secretary for many years. Doris McMillan left Katie West unattended with a violent Shauna McMillan, and little Katie was suffocated to death.

It was also alleged Katie West died in Marilyn's facility and Doug West holds accountability. In the same complaint it was alleged Katie died during Ambulance transport and Doug West holds accountability. Katie's medical records state her death occurred at 1409 Walnut Street. A death can only occur once and in one location, but Marilyn said Katie West died in three different locations.

Katie West's Medical Records above, clearly show her death occurred at 1409 Walnut Street, and there was no presence of airway swelling causing a suffocation death.