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Katie West Facts of Death, Cindy McMillan preferred abortion, Shauna McMillan wanted to murder Katie
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Pregnant with Dad #3 all while Married to Dad #2
Katie West was born 2 months prior to Divorce Transcripts above, where Cynthia Gilleshammer divorced her husband and son Ian's Father. Cindy claimed abandonment but she left her husband and moved back to Grand Forks ND. She also claimed to be a University of North Dakota Student studying Criminal Justice with 3 years to her graduation.

Cindy McMillan didn't attend college as stated in Divorce Transcripts and gave birth to Katie West 2 months prior. She was pregnant with Katie West and married to her son Ian's Father, wanting an abortion. Reasons for wanting an abortion instead of Katie West are in audio to the left.

Using false allegations in a Protection Order tactic against Katie's Father, as prelude to a physical custody attempt of Katie West, Cindy McMillan with her history of physical abuse, ended up with a Protection Order against her. She also had a disturbed child Shauna, who wanted to murder Katie West, threatening to kill Katie before she was born.

Cindy would never have custody of Katie West, so one day
Doris McMillan was babysitting Shauna, Ian, and Katie, but left Katie unattended many hours without the required supervision of Shauna McMillan, and Katie West was dead. Shauna McMillan was removed from the scene before the 911 call was made. Kim Bolek, a Nurse and Doris McMillan's neighbor, was at the scene and fled with Shauna McMillan.
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Cindy McMillan Using Drugs