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Katie West Scene of Death, Suffocated, found several hours dead at 1409 Walnut Street Grand Forks ND
1409 Walnut Street, Grand Forks, Katie West Death Scene
911 Time Log 5:18 pm Katie West Death
Katie West Dead Hours Before a 911 Call
Sunday, October 27th, 1996, Doris McMillan was babysitting Katie West, a one year old little girl during the afternoon. Doris also had with her Shauna McMillan, a disturbed 10 year old who wanted to murder Katie West, and a 5 year old, Ian Gilleshammer, who feared Shauna McMillan.

Lividity shows Katie was dead and lying on her back with her head leaning to the right for several hours before moved into a CPR position. Kim Bolek, a Nurse, left with Shauna McMillan and Ian Gilleshammer before the 911 Call.
Doris McMillan portrayed Shauna to be a Little Angel rather than a Little Devil
911 Call by Doris McMillan from 701-775-9990, 5:18 p.m.
Sunday October 27 1996, 1409 Walnut Street, Grand Forks
Katie West Murder Scene
911 Time Log, 1409 Walnut Street, Katie West Death
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