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Peter Welte, Judge Abused and Violated Children, Corrupted Families in Nancy Yon Office Sex Scandal
Judge Welte Impregnated Staff in Office Affair
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As State's Attorney, Peter Welte had full knowledge of Katie's death and the corruption with the County Coroner and State Medical Examiner, both resigned. Welte never did anything about Katie's murder, but falsely promised to prosecute when his extramarital affair with Nancy Yon surfaced, along with emails & photos of their son Charlie.

Welte called a meeting in July of 2009 with false promises in exchange for no discussion of his son Yon gave birth to. Welte resigned later in 2014 after public record displayed his girlfriend, Nancy Yon, unethically provided civil aid to Cindy McMillan with intent to harass Doug West. After his resignation, Welte shuffled around until someone behaved deceptively, acquiring Welte a U.S. Judicial nomination.

Working with Dean Dahl as a County Computer Technician, Riel LaFontaine was reading and keeping county employee emails while operating the server. When Welte was told of this, LaFontaine was charged with serious crimes and retained Attorney, Steven Light. When Light informed Welte that LaFontaine had possession of Welte's emails with all the hot and steamy details of his affair and child with Assistant State's Attorney, Nancy Yon, charges against LaFontaine were not only dropped, but vanished as though he was never charged. A web domain name administrator along with Light and LaFontaine are all conveniently dead, but the "Lovey Dovey" emails never died along with them.