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George Mizell deliberately fabricated Katie West Death as sudden occurring Airway Swelling from Croup
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North Dakota Medical Examiner Resigned in 2006
George Mizell resigned 14 days after the State's Attorney heard the audio to the left. The State's Attorney is aware of both the County Coroner and State Medical Examiner resignations and wrong doing in the Katie West Death.

Katie West did not die suddenly from any medical cause, She was found lying dead in one position for a period of hours before a 911 call was made about slight breathing. Her suffocation death was not caused by airway swelling from Croup, which the State's Attorney is well aware of.

Monty Rauser, Constituent Services with North Dakota Governor, John Hoeven's Office, apologized to Katie's Father in 2009 for Medical Examiner, George Mizell, also aware of his resignation related to the Katie West Death.

George Mizell said Katie Suddenly Suffocated due to a closed airway from Croup, while Medical Records, X-Rays, and Incident Reports state and display no airway swelling. Tom Polovitz, Grand Forks County Coroner and Authorities told Mizell what to write on Katie's Autopsy report.

Mizell said in above documents there were no concerns or reports regarding family. Reports were made about abuse and threats to kill Katie West, with an Open Case on Her when She suddenly turned up dead. There were obvious concerns for Katie's life, mainly being Shauna McMillan.
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