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Shauna McMillan's first threat to Kill Katie, she said, Oh Yeah, I'll put that Baby in a Drawer and Shut It!
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Shauna Hated Katie more than Her Brother Ian
Shauna McMillan was a very angry young child with violent tendencies. Her rage and violence carried into adult years as shown in above documents. According to her former companion, a wrong word and Shauna swings fists. Upon a breakup, she kicked in a door. The audio to the left is Shauna McMillan at age 7 with her brother Ian at age 2.

Disturbed at age 7, Shauna was raised by a single Mother, Cynthia McMillan, who at times slapped Shauna. Cindy is delusional and engaged in hard drug use as a parent, even believing she extends white light 6 to 8 inches around her in a bubble to prevent people from getting into her space, she has another pulse in her body different from her own, and that in a former life Cindy McMillan believes she was held captive on a ranch and kept as a Sex Slave.

Cindy McMillan also claims to have been abused in more than one way by her parents, Robert and Doris McMillan. Cindy states as a child, Robert McMillan would say to her, now you do this or I'm going to have to beat up your Mom.

Shauna at age 5 hated having a brother and wanted to be an only child. Shauna was having a sister and stated she would kill that baby and put her in a drawer and shut it. Katie West was 2 weeks old and Shauna began throwing her, pinching her forehead, putting her toe in her mouth, and holding her nose shut while covering her mouth.
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