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Cindy McMillan No Smoking memo Oct 26th, 1996 on Her own Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson Notepad
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Katie West Suffocated to Death Oct 27th, 1996
Cindy McMillan wanted to abort Katie West and smoked heavily through pregnancy. In a later child custody case she could not win, Cindy McMillan wrote a note about Katie West the day before Katie suffocated to death. Cindy wrote the note at Doris McMillan's house, on memo stationary from Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson, Ltd., where Katie suffocated to death the next day.

Cindy McMillan's memo conveys Katie West as very sick,
while Katie's Father had her to Doctors ten days prior to this memo and the day he received the memo, and Katie had good oxygen saturation and wasn't clinically ill. Video of Katie one week before her death displays a healthy, happy little girl as well. Cindy actually ended her note, saying to not smoke around Katie, but this was another tactic in a losing child custody case. Cindy smoked the entire time she was pregnant with Katie West.

Shauna McMillan repeatedly threatened to murder Katie and was making threats toward her stepmother's baby. Katie's Father did not see her October 27th, 1996, and Katie suffocated to death in Shauna's presence. Before a 911 call about an emergency, Katie was already dead and Shauna was removed from the scene by a Nurse, stated by Marilyn Troftgruben. In the above letter written by Cindy, she talks about Shauna being troubled, and in the audio to the left, Cindy is snorting cocaine with her Psychic.
No Smoking 1, Oct 26th 1996 No Smoking 2, Oct 26th 1996 Schedule at Katie's Death Cindy McMillan Letter 1 Cindy McMillan Letter 2 Cindy McMillan Letter 3
Cindy McMillan Smoking Pregnant