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Doris McMillan, Shauna McMillan's Grandmother, At Least "Seven Versions" of Events in Katie West Death
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Doris McMillan Babysitter Absent Much Too Often
Katie West supposedly fell, "Just Like That" Doris McMillan said while babysitting a Sunday after having children an entire weekend. Doris McMillan's daughter Cindy McMillan was working three consecutive night shifts, similar to the Sunday Katie West turned up dead when Doris was absent.

Cindy McMillan was in a child custody case pertaining to Katie West when Katie suffocated to death. Given Cindy's parental history and delusional mind, it was likely she would not be granted custody of Katie. Cindy's daughter Shauna McMillan was a threat to Katie's life and safety.

Doris McMillan provided at least seven versions of events related to the suffocation death of Katie West. Actually, Katie West was dead hours before Doris made a 911 call about Croup. Katie was lying on her back with her head leaning to the right for at least 3 to 4 hours that day.

Katie West was not seen alive by Doris McMillan for the entire afternoon. Katie was in one position dead for hours without being checked on by Doris. It was also a known and established fact that Katie was not to be left with Shauna McMillan unattended at anytime whatsoever.

Shauna McMillan was removed from the scene before the 911 call was made. Kim Bolek, a Grand Forks Clinic Nurse was at the crime scene and fled with Shauna McMillan.
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