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Jim Remer Falsely Reported Katie West as "Recently Sick" and Never Spoke to Katie's Father in the Video
Remer is a Disgraced Cop living Police Corruption
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Marilyn Troftgruben admitted responders to Katie West's death knew in advance she was already dead, and the medical emergency was staged. Shauna McMillan was removed from the scene before the 911 call was made about breathing difficulty. Katie had Fixed Lividity and was moved when Jim Remer arrived. Protocols are to never initiate CPR at this stage or stop it if in progress.

Jim Remer knew in advance he would be arriving on a scene with a little girl who was hours dead, but he was informed before hand to initiate CPR and later, illegally allow medical responders to simply take over. Remer is corrupt and responded to a call about breathing difficulty, but when he arrived Katie was cool and pale, her eyes were dilated and fixed. Basically put, Katie was dead and Lividity was already in place. Remer's report shows good air transfer as well, due to the fact Katie didn't suffocate from a closed airway. Remer is a disgrace and refused to speak with Katie's Father at every available opportunity.

Tom Polivitz wrapped tape all around Katie's head and face to hide marks before sending her to the morgue. He later left Grand Forks as he was ousted from positions, as was George Mizell. Remer wrote Katie was sick recently without talking with her Father. The video one week earlier shows Katie to be healthy and enjoying life with her Father, little cousin, and other family members.
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