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A detailed timeline will be laid out here showing Katie West was dead hours prior to a 911 call made about a breathing emergency. The timeline will entirely clarify that Shauna McMillan was removed from the scene of Katie's death prior to the 911 call, and that a specific Doctor, Bernard Hoggarth, was called prior to this staged medical emergency and arrived at a hospital way too soon to have even known to be there, oops.

All the different versions Doris McMillan provided to authorities will be made crystal clear as well, and that Robert McMillan did threaten to kill Doug West as soon as he arrived at this hospital which was 5:35 p.m., so police were called to protect Doug West from the violent Robert McMillan and before Doug West was even notified, police were already present for his protection.
Katie West Murder Timeline Confession by Risk Manager, Marilyn Troftgruben, on Altru Official Website