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Katie West Cause of Death fabricated by Medical Examiner as suffocation by airway swelling from Croup
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George Mizell Falsified A Sudden Medical Incident
Nearly 5 months passed since the Katie West Death with no response from the Investigating Agency. The one and only maniac response is audio of Tom Polovitz to the left, March of 1997. It was not known until 2003 that Polovitz had shoved tubes down deceased Katie's throat, taped up her face, inked her feet, then repositioned her body.

George Mizell said Katie Suddenly Suffocated due to a closed airway from Croup, when Medical Records, X-Rays, and Incident Reports state and display no airway swelling. Tom Polovitz, Grand Forks County Coroner and Authorities told Mizell what to write on Katie's Autopsy report. Mizell said sudden incident circumstances were not investigative and were not to be used in an investigative manner, and to contact the Investigating Agency if that did not occur.

Katie West did not die suddenly from any medical cause, She was found lying dead in one position for a period of hours before a 911 call was made about slight breathing. Her suffocation death was not caused by airway swelling from Croup, which the State's Attorney is well aware of.

Katie was dead on arrival with good air transfer meaning no swollen airway obstruction from Croup, also stated in Medical Records. Her X-Ray above shows chin down with jaw covering her neck, but clear of a Steeple Sign from Croup, without a pinch or kink in the breathing tube.
Shauna McMillan Wanted Katie West Dead Katie West Dead, Good Air Transfer No Swelling Katie West 3 to 4 Hours Dead On Arrival Katie West Dead, Laryngoscopy No Swelling Katie West Autopsy XRay Katie West XRay, Clear Airway No Swelling