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Katie West Photo Gallery Saturday October 12 1996, only two short weeks before Her Suffocation Death
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Katie West Home Videos One Week Before Death
A death resulting in resignations of both a County Coroner and State Medical Examiner, is the death not occurring as written on reports. Former ND State Medical Examiner, George Mizell, wrote Katie was in an Emergency Room over the last several weeks prior to her death, treated and released for upper respiratory and ear infections.

George Mizell wrote this on Katie's Autopsy report without reviewing her Medical Records, falsely portraying Katie as a sick child the last several weeks, who suddenly became unresponsive while being held by her grandmother. Katie was at a non-emergency Medical Doctor 10 days prior to her suffocation death, there were no infections present, Katie didn't even have a cold. Local Authorities along with Tom Polovitz, former Grand Forks County Coroner, told Mizell to write the false circumstances on the report.

Photos and videos are Katie West over the last two weeks prior to her suffocation death. Obviously Katie is happy, healthy, and not sickly nor dying from any infection that could suddenly close off her airway. George Mizell also said Katie suffocated to death on a closed airway from Croup, while medical records show no airway swelling.

Doris McMillan was being paid to babysit Katie but left her unattended for hours and found her dead. The only other person with Katie for the afternoon was Shauna McMillan.
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